The Path


I want to walk down that path because i can see the ray of hope
But also if it turns out a trap i will end up loosing what i have.
It’s a gamble of heart and friendships and even if i win, somewhere i will loose but even if i loose somewhere, the win would be worth the fight but the question being what if i loose it all?
What if all i have today turns out to be all i had yesterday. And since i am having a beautiful today apart from it being a little incomplete, i  don’t have the courage to fight for it. But the more i am trying to run away, the more i am being attracted and the more difficult it is getting to ignore the fact that the thing i want is right in front of me yet so far. Keeping all of this aside i don’t even know, is it a one sided fight or will i have you by my side in this fight?

~The Road not taken haunts me the most.~ #heartwanderer

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